Monday, March 9, 2009

Spending Time

There have been many reminders in past days and weeks of how I ought to spend my time wisely. Chapel speakers have talked of the need to stop "talking about evangelism" and start "doing evangelism." They've given great examples of taking the plunge, walking up to their neighbor's house, knocking on the door and saying, "Hi. I'm your neighbor across the street, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.. and if you would ever like to have a spiritual discussion about life, I'd be happy to do that with you."
They've also talked about the absolute importance of prayer. That we can't expect our neighbors to be won to Christ if we're not praying for them, and praying for us... that we'd have God-given opportunities to share with them. God never fails to answer the prayer that begs for the opportunity to share Him with others.
And then this morning, I was reading a poem by retired missionary, Arlene Updyke (Sparks from my Embers). The poem reflects some of the words of my favorite song ("Take My Life and Let It Be"):
Take the lost and wasted moments.
Lord, how many now have gone!
Give me hours of blessed service
Spent for Thee the Holy One.
Take the words I should have spoken,
Words of life to other hearts;
Give my mouth a heav'nly message
Which the Holy Ghost imparts.

Praying for my neighbors today - and seeking the Lord's wisdom and will for how I can spend my time reaching them for Christ.

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